Would Melania Trump move to the White House if Trump is reelected?

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According to White House reporter Katie Rogers, Melania Trump has no intention of returning to full-time life in Washington, D.C. if her husband Donald Trump is elected for a second term. Rogers’ book, “American Woman: A History of the Modern First Lady,” details four clashes between Donald Trump and his wife while in the White House, as well as Melania’s feelings about campaigning and life in the Beltway.

While Melania is likely to be able to live in Washington because their son Barron turns 18 this year and high school is no longer an option, Rogers said no one should expect her to settle in D.C. Rogers’ reporting does not indicate that she enjoys defending her husband or wants to return to Washington full-time. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania’s former friend and aide, told Newsweek that she “never wanted to be there in the first place.” Melania has been largely absent since Donald Trump began campaigning for reelection.

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Helen Lewis wrote an article in ‘The Atlantic’ naming Melania Trump as the most influential first lady in history, not for what she did but for what she did not do: play the traditional stand-by-her-man role. Melania told FOX News in her first interview after Trump lost the 2020 election that she would “never say never” to living in the White House again if her husband ran for reelection.

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