Trump must ‘immediately desist’ from targeting the judge’s daughter, prosecutors say.

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Lawyers for the Manhattan district attorney have requested Judge Juan Merchan to clarify the case’s limited gag order and direct Trump to desist from attacks on family members. The letter argues that the court should make clear that the March 26 order protects family members of the Court, the District Attorney, and all other individuals mentioned in the Order. It also warns the defendant that his recent conduct is contumacious and directs him to desist.

On Tuesday, Merchan issued a limited gag order prohibiting Trump from making comments about potential witnesses, jurors, lawyers, court staff, and their families. The order allowed Trump to continue making public comments about both Judge Merchan and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The following day, Trump criticized Merchan’s daughter for a social media post that a court official claimed was not hers. A court official later said the supposed post from the judge’s daughter was a “manipulation of an account she long ago abandoned.”

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Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass asked Merchan to clarify the gag order in light of Trump’s reference to Merchan’s daughter. Steinglass argued that multiple potential witnesses have expressed concern about their safety, and Trump’s post could influence the participation of witnesses ahead of the April 15 trial. Trump’s defense attorney, Todd Blanche, responded by arguing that Trump’s posts were permitted based on the terms of the limited gag order, which does not explicitly prohibit statements about Merchan’s family.

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