There is only one thing that matters about Donald Trump — and it’s not his crimes or mental decline : Opinion

CollegeUnified By CollegeUnified 2 Min Read

The presidential election campaign is already in its mid-March phase, and many people are already making up their minds on the nominees. Donald Trump is the wild orangutan of the Republican party, and his supporters are mostly falling into the poisoned tree of Trump. If Joe Biden loses to this level of stupidity, he will have no one to blame but himself and a Democratic Party that hasn’t effectively fought back.

The MAGA party is falling over itself in befuddlement as it tries to impeach him for reasons they don’t understand, can’t articulate, and don’t believe. While the MAGA party has no real charges against Biden, they continue to call him a degenerate, corrupt criminal, and a chronic bedwetter. The first case to go to court will be the Stormy Daniels hush money case in Manhattan, which is likely a misdemeanor. The D.C. insurrection case is tied up in Supreme Court shenanigans, and the Georgia case may never get to trial.

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The presidential race is a tense one, with many believing Trump can get things done. However, Trump has never been successful in achieving these goals, such as passing infrastructure bills or addressing immigration issues. The MAGA party, which claims immigration, the economy, and national security are the main issues, has only exacerbated and exploited them for Trump’s benefit. The real problems facing the country include explosive bowel movements, hush money, and illegal immigrants. The only viable alternative is to focus on beating Trump at the polls, ensuring the election is secure, and ensuring the election is secure. Voters should focus on the end, not the present.

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