Stephen King’s Message to Donald Trump Voters

CollegeUnified By CollegeUnified 2 Min Read

Stephen King expressed disappointment with Donald Trump’s victory in the Super Tuesday GOP presidential primaries, saying he had hoped Haley would win. King, of Maine, gained 20 delegates and received 72.4% of the vote on Tuesday. People took to the comments section to share their reactions to King’s post, with some wishing Haley won the ticket, others suggesting she should stick to writing books rather than predicting the future, and others expressing their support for Joe Biden.

King has been a vocal critic of Trump since before the 77-year-old was elected president in 2016. He joined the Democratic Party in 1970 and has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump since before the 2016 election. On May 24, 2016, King was one of 450 writers who signed an open letter opposing Trump’s candidacy; the author supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

On Tuesday, King commented on Trump’s victory, saying that he had hoped Haley would have won. He also retweeted a post by filmmaker Rob Reiner, which read: “I refuse to believe Americans would rather have a lying lunatic rapist [whose] brain has turned to mush and will destroy our democracy than a decent man who’s spent his life fighting to make things better for us. I have faith. We will do the right thing by voting for Joe Biden.”

Republicans in American Samoa will vote in the upcoming primaries and caucuses, followed by Georgia, Mississippi, Hawaii, and Washington. According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump is expected to receive 77.5 percent of the GOP primary vote, while Haley polls at 15.7%.