Silence Unknown Callers: New feature of WhatsApp, very beneficial for women

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Silence Unknown Callers

WhatsApp’s new feature, Silence Unknown Callers: The current age is the social media era, from young to old people. People are turning towards social media due to smartphones and laptops, tablets, etc. A lot of care is also required while using social media. Recently a new feature has been made available by the social media platform WhatsApp which is very useful for the youth. Let’s find out about it.

  • New Future Launch by WhatsApp
  • Silence Unknown Callers Future Revealed
  • Beneficial for young men/women

A new feature of WhatsApp

Meta Company CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this future, WhatsApp has recently added a feature called “ Silence Unknown Callers ” keeping in mind the security of the users. This new feature will be automatically available to all users after updating WhatsApp. Let’s get detailed information about this new feature.

Silence Unknown Callers

The “Silence Unknown Callers” update is very beneficial for youth and girls. According to this feature, WhatsApp will now automatically mute unknown calls. Nowadays, every mobile phone receives many unknown calls, many of which are fraud calls. Due to this update, now there will be relief from fraud calls.

By tweeting on Twitter, WhatsApp gave information about the new future of WhatsApp “Silence Unknown Callers”. The main purpose of this new feature is to control calls from unknown numbers. With this new feature, your calls from unknown numbers will not ring.

A very beneficial future for women

Nowadays fraud is increasing and spam calls are also increasing continuously on WhatsApp. WhatsApp calls from unknown callers can easily defraud people. So, due to this new update, people will get security and will automatically mute unknown calls.

Users have to turn on Settings -> Privacy -> Calls -> Silence Unknown Callers to avail of this feature.

How will this future work?

According to the given information, if this option has been turned on by the users, the ring will not ring, but it will appear in the missed calls within WhatsApp so that users can know whether there is an important call or not. Update your WhatsApp right now to take advantage of this feature.

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