How to do Photo Editing from Mobile – Create Professional Photo in just 5 minutes

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Photo Editing If you have been using applications like Facebook, Instagram, then you must have seen many people uploading photos of better quality. Lots of likes are received on them, comments come which you like very much. In such a situation, if you also want to create a better quality photo of yourself and upload it on applications like Instagram Facebook. Or if you want to share a photo with someone or want to take a personal photo of yourself and edit it and keep it with you.

How to do Photo Editing from Mobile – Mobile Se Photo Editing Kaise Kare

Photo Editing : So in such a situation, you must be wondering how to edit the photo. Because many times we take such photos where the background is not good, we have to change it. The light quality in the photo is low, it has to be high, the color combination of the photo has to be corrected. The features of all such editing are present only in a Photo Editor Application.
In such a situation, if you want to learn photo editing and if you want to do photo editing from mobile, then you must read this article till the end. We will tell you how to do Photo Editing from Mobile, how to make a High Quality photo. Mobile Se Photo Editing Kaise Kare. How To Edit Photos In Mobile Like A Professional

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Before taking a good photo, keep some important things in mind:

1. One thing I would like to tell you, Photo Editing is an art which you will learn the more time you give. The better quality photo you will be able to make.
2. You can make a beautiful photo from bad to bad, you can give your desired look to the photo. For this you have to install Photo Editor Application in your mobile. About which we will talk further but before that I would like to say one thing to you.
3. When you take a photo from your mobile or camera, then suit the photo in a very professional way. Taking photographs is also an art . If you are taking photo from mobile, then without moving the mobile, adjust the mobile in the right direction and click the photo. Due to this the photo comes of better quality.
4. Take care of the light while taking a photo. When you are taking a photo of someone from the front, the light should fall on his face from the side behind you. Keep in mind that the photo comes in better quality.
5. Background has to be blurred to take better quality photos. There are many options in mobile when you take a photo. In them, you have to adjust the blur option that how much blur you want to keep in the background and how to take the photo. You have to learn this, that while taking photos, there are many settings in the camera option in mobile, if you look at them carefully, you will learn.

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How to do Photo Editing from Mobile? – How To Edit Photos in Mobile Like a Professional

Let us know which application we should use for photo editing. In today’s time, two applications are most popular.

1. PicsArt App 

2. Lightroom App

 1. PicsArt App: It is very easy to edit photo with this application, you get many options in it. With which you can edit a High Quality photo, this is a very popular application. Almost everyone uses it. You will find many videos related to PicsArt Photo Editor App on YouTube. This is a very popular application, let us tell you how to edit photos with PicsArt App.
1. First of all, you have to search the PicsArt application by going to Google Play Store application of your mobile and install it in your mobile.
2. After installing the PicsArt App, open it.
3. After opening the Pix Art application, some options will appear in front of you. Click on the Edit a Photo option among them.
4. Now the phone’s gallery will appear in front of you, select a photo from it which you want to edit.
5. After selecting the photo, many options will appear on your screen along with your photo.
6. To edit the photo, first of all, if you want to change the background. So there will be a cut out option in front of you, click on it.
7. Then whatever part of your visible photo you want to change, draw that part in the background as you can see in the image below.
8. After the background of the photo is drawn, click on the option given below and save the photo.
9. Now go to Google Chrome Browser and download a nice background image. Which you want to put in the photo.
10. Now after downloading that background image, open it in PicsArt App.
11. After the background image is open, click on the Add Photos option in the Pix Art application. And select and add the photo which you had removed.
12. After this adjust the photo according to the background and click on the apple icon. Your photo will be saved in Phone Gallery.

Note : Photo Editor App Bassic Information:-

  • If you want to write name in the photo, then click on the option named Text and use it.
  • If you want to put a border around the photo, then after opening the photo in PicsArt App, a border tool will appear in front of you, select the border from it.
  • If you want to smooth your photo then use Retouch Tool.
  • If the size of the photo is large, then click on the Crop option to reduce its size. Select your size and crop the photo. This will reduce your photo to whatever size you want to keep.
  • If you want to reverse or rotate the photo, then you will get many options, whatever you want to use, you can do that.

PicsArt App Video Tutorial :-

This is a simple process by which the background of the photo can be changed. Apart from this, to make a good quality image, to customize the photo completely with Pix Art application, you have to watch the video below in full. In the video, we have told in full detail how you can edit photos properly with the help of Pix Art application. Now let’s watch the full video given below, so that you will learn how to edit any photo completely.

Lightroom App 

Watch the full video below to learn how to use the Lightroom application. We hope you will learn how to edit any photo very easily by watching the video. Let’s see how to use Lightroom application.
So we hope friends must have learned to edit their photos. If you benefited from this (Mobile Se Photo Editing Kaise Kare. How To Edit Photos in Mobile Like a Professional) article, then definitely share it with your friends so that they too can get help. Apart from this, if you have any other question in your mind, then you must comment on us. Thank you for visiting the blog.