PhonePe Se Paise Kaise Kamaye: You can earn 500 rupees sitting at home, this is the way

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PhonePe Se Paise Kaise Kamaye: Ever since the beginning of digital payment in India, PhonePe mobile application has been the most popular for online payment. You too  must have heard or used the PhonePe mobile app. We can send money online to any person, recharge mobile, pay bills of electricity, water, TV and many more services through phone pe mobile app. But do you know we can also earn money using PhonePe. Today, in this article, we are going to understand in detail and in a simple way how we can earn 500 ₹ or more money sitting at home from phone pay.

how to start using phone pay

PhonePe Se Paise Kaise Kamaye : If you want to earn money from PhonePe, then first of all you have to download the PhonePe app in mobile from Google Play Store or App Store. After this you have to create your account on PhonePe . You can easily create your account on PhonePe with your mobile number. After this you have to link any of your bank account with phone pay, after that you can earn money from phone pay.

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Ways to earn money from PhonePe

5 cool ways to earn money from PhonePe:

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  1. PhonePe cashback
  2. PhonePe Rewards
  3. Games
  4. Investment through PhonePe
  5. Rafer and Earn

1. Phone Pe Cashback

By registering a bank account on PhonePe, we get cashback for the first time making any type of online payment, which we can see in our PhonePe wallet. When we transfer money to any shopkeeper or any merchant account by linking our bank account with PhonePe, or pay for any purchased item, we get cashback. Cashback is also available for first time mobile recharge, bill payment and ticket booking through PhonePe. This cashback is more available to the user on the new phone, although sometimes the old user can also get it.

2. Phone Pe Rewards

PhonePe gives various rewards to all its users for making online payments through it, which we can see in the Rewards section. In the form of these rewards, we are given discounts on various types of shopping sites and online subscriptions. From which we can buy that thing at a low price by going to the link given on the phone. In this way, we can save money in our online shopping or any online subscription. We can also choose the category of our choice that in which category we want the rewards related to the items.

3. By playing different games

You can earn money by playing various mobile games online through Phone Pe app. You can earn money by playing games like junglee rummy, A 23 rummy, Winzo Ludo, MPL Pocker on phone pe. You are advised to get complete information about these games before playing them and learn how to play them. If you play without learning then you can also lose money. You should also read all their terms and conditions once.

4. Investment from PhonePe

At the bottom of the home page of the Phone Pe app, you will see the option of wealth, where you can earn money by investing in gold, top companies, SIP, in which you can withdraw money anytime, its term from time to time. And the conditions keep changing, so read all the terms and conditions before investing. You can start investing here with a minimum of ₹ 100. If you invest here for long term then you are likely to get good returns.


The most popular and easiest way to earn money from PhonePe is “ Refer and Earn ” . In this you have to refer any of your friends on the phone and you can earn ₹ 100 directly. The more people you refer, the more money you can earn. You can also refer PhonePe through your social media accounts and earn money. Now we tell you how to refer on phone and how to earn money

  • First of all, you have to download the Phone Pay app in your mobile and register it by entering your mobile number, after that you have to link your bank account with Phone Pay, if you have already linked all these, then you have to follow the next step directly. .
  • After this you have to open the Phone Pay app, there you will see the option of “Refer and Get ₹ 100”, you have to click on it. Here below you will see the option of invite , you can share the link of invite on the phone to any person through WhatsApp or any other means, after that when the person to whom you have shared the link, click on the same link on the phone. Downloads the app, registers and links his/her bank account and you earn ₹ 100 directly in your PhonePe wallet when he pays someone for the first time through Apna PhonePe. For this, the important thing is that the person has to download the Phone Pe app from your link, and after completing the account process on Phone Pe, he has to make his first payment to someone from Phone Pe. Minimum ₹ 1 can also be paid in this.
  • In this way, the more people you refer, the more money you will earn, but keep in mind that you can refer only those people who have their own bank account and have the same mobile link with them, which is currently active in their phone. Also, they should never have been registered on PhonePe before.
  • In this way, even if you refer a total of five people on the phone including your family and two or three friends, you can easily earn ₹ 500 sitting at home.