Kisan Credit Card Scheme :How To Online Apply KCC Online?

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Pm Kcc Online Apply Process

  • PM KCC Online Apply has been started. But a condition has also been kept in this….
  • Right now PM KCC Online Apply can be done only through Common Service Center .
  • Farmers cannot apply for PM KCC online by themselves .
  • Farmers who want to apply PM KCC Online will have to go to their nearest Common Service Center.
  • So till now you know that the online application for PM KCC has started but the application can be done only through Common Service Center .

Next, we get complete information about PM KCC Online Apply, after that we will know the process of how to apply online through CSC.

Pm Kisan Credit Card Apply

Pm Kisan Guideline /Pm Kisan KCC Scheme Apply

Pm Kisan KCC Yojana 

  • In the general budget, a 16-point action plan for the welfare of farmers was presented by the Modi government, in which an important point was given for the beneficiary of Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana .
  • According to this important point, all the beneficiary farmers under Pradhan mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana will be given the benefit of Kisan Credit Card Scheme (KCC) 
  • By getting the benefit of Kisan Credit Card Scheme (KCC), all these farmers will be able to take loan up to ₹ 160000 from the government without any guarantee and on this they will have to pay very less interest.
  • The government announced in its announcement that in the first phase 9.5 crore farmers would be linked with the Kisan Credit Card Scheme (KCC) and after that, out of 14.5 crore remaining farmers, about 5 crore farmers would be linked in the second phase.

That is, to say simply, it means that the farmers who are taking the benefit of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM KISAN), who are getting the installment amount, are fully eligible for the Kisan Credit Card Scheme (KCC) .

Important Points Of Pradhanmantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme KCC. First Benefit To The Beneficiary Of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana.

The farmers who are eligible beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana will be given the first benefit by the government.

There Can Be Many Benefits Of Kisan Credit Card Scheme.

  • ZIf Kisan applies for kcc in the bank by taking the PM Kisan KCC Form, then the bank manager will not be able to make any excuse.

Benefits Of Kisan Credit Card Scheme / Benefits Of Kisan Credit Card

  1. The way the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana became the biggest scheme of the country, the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Credit Card Yojana is also going to be around it. Almost farmers of the country will be given the benefit of Kisan Credit Card Scheme (kcc scheme ).
  2. Through Kisan Credit Card, farmers will be able to take loan at cheap rates and repay it to the bank in easy installments.
  3. Through Kisan credit card (KCC), the farmer can easily be given a loan of ₹ 12000 to ₹ 15000 on canal land
  4. If a farmer needs a loan of more than ₹ 160000 , then he can also give the documents of his land along with the KCC Application Form, so that more loans can be provided to him by the bank.
  5. Under the Kisan Credit Card Scheme (KCC), farmers will be given loans at less than 4 percent interest rates.
  6. The great thing is that now loan facility is also available for animal husbandry and fisheries under the Kisan Credit Card Scheme . You can get information about how to get Kisan Credit Card (KCC) for Animal Husbandry and Fisheries by clicking here.
  7. All the beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana will be given benefits under the Kisan Credit Card Scheme by the Central Government .

Note :- There are many other benefits which will be given to the beneficiary of PM Kisan on getting the Pm Kisan KCC Yojana credit card .

CSC Pm KCC Online Apply Process

If you want to apply for KCC through Common Service Center or if you are a Common Service Center operator and want to apply for farmer under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Credit Card Scheme . So we are going to give you its process below.

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CSC Pm KCC Online Apply

Recently a newsletter has been issued through CSC in which a statement has been given which is something like this.

Farmers Will Be Enrolled For Kisan Credit Card Through CSC
Ministry of Agriculture has started to fast track the registration of eligible farmers for Kisan Credit Card in CSC SPV, the e-governance service provider of the government . Under the collaboration, around 3.65 lakh Common Service Centers will enroll interested and eligible farmers for KCC, which provides them credit support for farming as well as non-farm activities.CSC e-Governance India Limited has been authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture to register eligible farmers for KCC. At present, KCCs have been provided to 6.67 crore farmers across the country .The government has decided to extend the benefits of KCC to all the 9.7 crore farmers registered under PM Kisan Yojana . Apparently, 50% of farmers do not have access to institutional credit under KCC. In order to facilitate institutional credit to all farmers across the country, the government has launched a special drive to cover all the beneficiaries of PM Kisan Yojana . While the details of the scheme will be received through the PM Kisan portal, the Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) will enter the crop, allied activities and other details of the KCC.After the details are submitted, the VLE will provide a printout of the receipt to the farmer . The VLE will collect Rs 30 per farmer for this service.Note: – So till now you have come to know that CSC PM KCC Online Apply has started, next we talk about how to apply for CSC PM KCC ?

CSC PM KCC Apply Process 2022

  • The process of applying for PM KCC through CSC has been started by the government for which CSC has been given an official portal.
  • The Common Service Center Operator can login to this official portal with the help of his CSC ID and Password and register the beneficiary farmer of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana under PM KCC scheme.

CSC Pm KCC Portal Login /CSC PM KCC Apply

To make Kisan credit card through CSC , you must be a Common service center operator (CSC VLE) and your CSC Status should be “Active” .

If you have CSC ID then you can apply for KCC online.

CSC Pm KCC Online Appl

    • z To apply KCC Card, you have to click on the option of Apply New KCC . as shown here.
    Pm KCC Card Apply
    Pm KCC Card Apply enter aadhaar card

    Note :- Note here you have to enter the Aadhaar number of such beneficiary who is receiving installment money under PM Kisan.

    That is, only the registration of the beneficiary of PM kisan can be done through CSC under PM KCC .

    Note: – Till now you have come to know about CSC PM KCC Online Application, further we will give you information about how to check PM Kisan KCC Application Status .
    We will also inform you if you are facing any problem in doing Kisan Credit Card Online .
    Friends, we will also give you a video for applying Kisan Credit Card online. Keep reading this article further.

    How To Check KCC Application Status /CSC Pm KCC Application Status

    Not only the process of applying PM KCC Online through CSC has been started, but if an application is made through CSC, then Pm KCC application status can also be checked through CSC .

    CSC Pm KCC Status Check

    • To check Pm KCC Status, first of all you should have the slip which was given at the time of applying through CSC .
    • It means to say that you should have Application Reference Number or Application id .
    • If you have Application id then you can check PM KCC Status .

    Let us know further how to check PM KCC Application Status?

    Pm Kcc Application Status Check

    Note :- You will get to see the information of PM KCC Status only after 6 to 7 days of PM KCC Apply Online.

    Pm Kisan Kcc Limit | Kisan Credit Card Limit

    Friends, if you are also thinking of making your application under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Credit Card (pm kisan kcc limit), then this question will also come in your mind that how much KCC loan will be given on your land.

    On top of this, we have also given you a video, by watching which you can get information that on which land you will cultivate what kind of crop, then how much loan will be given to you under KCC.

    In this video, we have considered 1 acre of land as a standard and have mentioned in detail the loan amount available for different types of crops.

    Note :- The loan available under PM Kisan KCC may be slightly different from the figures given by us in different states.

    Because anytime the loan available under KCC depends on the bank, if the bank wants, it can provide you a little more amount and if it wants, it can also provide a little less amount.

    But by watching this video, you will get an idea that according to your farming, how much loan will be given to you by the bank and what will be your KCC limit .

    Pm KCC No Response From Server API

    • Most of the farmersare facing the problem of Pm KCC no response from server API while applying PM Kisan KCC online 
    • What is this and what is its solution, let’s talk about it.
    • There can be mainly three reasons for no response from server API .
    1. 1. PM KCC online application is not being accepted in your district .
    2. 2. The bank where you have your PM Kisan account is not accepting online application for PM KCC .
    3. 3. Or your PM Kisan database has not yet been merged (MAP) with the PM KCC database.

    Note: – All these three can be the possible reasons due to which you face the problem of no response from server API while doing PM KCC Apply Online .

    No Response From Server API Solution

    If you are also unable to apply PM KCC Online, if you also face a problem like No Response From Server API , then you can solve it by adopting the following method.

    No Response From Server API Solutions

    1. First of all you have to go to your bank and check with bank official whether your bank is accepting online application for PM KCC or not.

    1.1- If the bank is not accepting the application then you have to submit the PM KCC offline form in the bank. (no response from server API)


    If the online application for PM KCC is being accepted by the bank and when you apply for PM KCC through CSC, you get to see No Response From Server API . So in such a situation you can contact the officials of Pm KCC . (no response from server API)