How to Request for Aadhaar PVC Card

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How to Request for Aadhaar PVC Card

How to Request for Aadhaar PVC Card: UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has announced the availability of PVC-based Aadhaar cards. For more information, visit Both portable and robust, this card. It will have a secure QR code that has been digitally signed, together with photos and demographic information, and many other security measures. You can order this card, according to UIDAI, even if your mobile number is not linked to your Aadhaar card.

The government has introduced PVC Aadhaar Cards to address this issue. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Card, which resembles an ATM card in size and appearance. Due to its lower size, the PVC Aadhar card is simple to carry in a wallet. Additionally, residents can obtain these portable Aadhar Cards by registering on the official website residentpvc. uidai.

Characteristics of the How to Request for Aadhaar PVC Card

  • It is more enduring and portable.
  • It comes with lamination and has good printing quality.
  • The most recent security features are present, such as a hologram, Guilloche Pattern, ghost image, and Microtext.
  • The card is totally resistant to the elements.
  • The Aadhaar logo is stamped on it.

What fees are associated with requesting an Aadhaar PVC Card? When ordering the Aadhaar PVC Card, individuals would be required to pay a small fee of Rs 50 (including GST and speed post charges).

How to Request for Aadhaar PVC Card at

  • On, how to Request an Aadhaar PVC Card
  • Visit or first.
  • Select the ‘Order Aadhaar Card’ service link. Link direct
  • Enter your 28-digit enrolment ID, 16-digit virtual identification number, or 10-digit Aadhaar number (UID).
  • Keep in mind the security code.
  • To obtain an OTP, choose the registered number option. Fill in the optional number if it’s available if the mobile number isn’t registered.
  • ‘Send OTP’ should be clicked.
  • After approval, check the “Terms and Conditions” box. (Note: To view the information, click on the hyperlink.)
  • After completing the ‘OTP’ verification process, click ‘Submit’.
  • You will be transported to the payment gateway after choosing “Make a payment,” where you have the choice of using a credit or debit card, net banking, or UPI.
  • Payment will be successfully received, and a digital signature will be present. The service request number will be sent to you through SMS. Until the card is delivered, you can follow the progress using this number.

Important Notes for How to Request for Aadhaar PVC Card

  • Pay Rs 50 to order an Aadhaar card (including GST and shipping costs).
  • To order an Aadhaar card, use your Aadhaar number, virtual identification number, or EID.
  • The digitally signed Secure QR code, Hologram, Ghost image, Guilloche pattern, and other security elements are all included in the Aadhaar card.

How to Request for Aadhaar PVC Card Card FAQ

What are the different forms of Aadhaar and what are their features?

For the convenience of citizens, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) periodically introduces new Aadhaar formats, including Letter from Aadhaar a laminated letter made of paper that has a secure QR code with the dates of issue and printing. In the event of a new enrollment or required biometric update, an Aadhaar letter is free of charge issued to the resident via regular mail. The resident can order a replacement Aadhaar letter online from the UIDAI website for Rs. 50 if the original is lost or damaged. The resident receives a reprinted Aadhaar letter by speed post.eAadhaar: eAadhaar is the electronic version of Aadhaar that is issued and downloaded on specific dates and is digitally signed by UIDAI. Residents can download it with ease eAadhaar/masked eAadhaar via a registered mobile number from the UIDAI website. Only the final 4 digits of the Aadhaar number are visible in the masking eAadhaar. Every Aadhaar enrollment or update immediately generates an eAadhaar, which is available for free download.mAadhaar: mAadhaar is a mobile device-installable digital version of Aadhaar. The mAadhaar app can be downloaded on a resident’s mobile device through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. A QR code is present for offline validation. Similar to eAadhaar, mAadhaar can be downloaded for free and is likewise generated automatically with every Aadhaar enrolment or update. The most recent version of Aadhaar to be released by the UIDAI is the Aadhaar PVC Card. In addition to being lightweight and robust, The PVC-based Aadhaar Card includes numerous security measures and a digitally signed secure QR code containing a photograph and demographic information. It can be acquired online using an Aadhaar number, Virtual ID, or Enrolment ID and for a small fee of Rs. 50/- at or Speed post is used to deliver the Aadhaar PVC Card to the resident’s address.

Can I decide which Aadhaar format to use and have?
Yes. The residents have the option to have one or more Aadhaar forms. The citizens are free to use Aadhaar in any format that is most convenient for them. Without favoring one form of Aadhaar over the others, all forms of Aadhaar are equally valid as evidence of identification.

The “Order Aadhaar Card” service is what.
Aadhaar holders can now get their Aadhaar details printed on PVC cards by using the new UIDAI service called “Order Aadhaar Card” and paying a small fee. Residents can order using a non-registered or alternative mobile number if they do not have a registered mobile number.

What security features does the “Aadhaar PVC Card” have?
These security features are included on this card: a safe QR CodeHologramtiny text ghost picture date of Issue and PrintingGuilloche Design the Aadhaar logo embossed

What fees must be paid in order to obtain an “Aadhaar Card”?
Payment is required in the amount of Rs. 50 (including GST and postage costs).

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