Photo Ko HD Kaise Banaye How to make HD photo?  How to clean blur photo?

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Hello friends, if you want to clean any of your Blur Photo and want the blurred photo to become an HD Photo, then we have given you Photo Ko HD Kaise Banaye here ? And how to clean blur photo? His information has been given.

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HD Kaise Banaye

If you clean your bad and blurry photo and convert it to HD photo, you can easily make your normal photo hd by using online and android app for free.In this article, how can we make you old Low Quality photo like new or 

how to make photo in hd  ? Or how to clean Blur photo?

HD Kaise Banaye : Technology has become very advanced in today’s digitle word, so in today’s time, to improve the quality of any bad or blurred photo, you can improve the quality of the photo in one click from your mobile and computer. You can know from the below article.

How to make HD photo?

To make any bad or blurry photo HD, you can make Photo ko hd banane wala app or online using your mobile and computer. Here we are going to tell you about both the methods, using which you can easily make HD photos in one click.

  1.  Photo Ko HD Kaise Banaye Using Android App?
  2.  Using Online Photo Ko HD Kaise Banaye Website?

How to make HD photo using Android app?

For this you can use App Remini which makes photo HD . If you do not know what is Remini App ? So let us tell you that this is one of the Best Photo Editing App which converts the photo into HD quality by improving the old or bad photo quality.

Remeni app improves the quality of bad photos by using AI (artificial intelligence), it has many features, many of the features are paid, but you can use it for free to make your bad or blurry photos in HD. .

How to use Remini App?

Step 1. For this, first of all you have to download and install Remini App in your mobile from google play store, you can download it by clicking on the link below.

Remini App

Step 2. After downloading the Remeni app, open it and  click on the Get started option.

photo ko hd kaise banaye online

Step 3. After getting started, you will see which slide you have to click on  arrow and in the last click on ( × )cross . You can see in the photo below.

Step 4. After that you have to give which permission, to give permission, you have to click on Give Access Photo and click on the option of allow .

How to make old photo hd

Step 5. After giving permission, you have to listen to the photo by clicking on Suggested or Other Photos and click on Enhance .

bad photo ko hd kaise banaye

If you use the App for free, then you will have to see an advertisement i.e. advertisement, after viewing the advertisement, you have to close the advertisement by clicking on the × cross .

Step 6. After that, editing the photo with the help of Remini App AI will appear in front of you, you can see the quality of the photo by l eft and right its line, how it was before and how it is now.

How to clean blur photo

Step 7. After that click on the option of Download given above and click on Save , so that the photo will be downloaded in your mobile, you can see it in the gallery and use it anywhere.

dhundhale photo ko saaf kaise banaen

Now you must have known that using Remini App, How to make Photo HD ? Means how to improve the quality of bad photo . You can clean the Blur Photo by using this process again and again on the same photo.

How to make HD photo using website?

If you do not want to use Android App, then you can use online website to clean bad or blur photos.

How to use the website?

Step 1. You have to open the App.remini.Ai website in your mobile or computer, you can open it by clicking on the link below.

Remini Ai website

Step 2. After opening, click on Drag and Drop Here to listen to the photo which you want to edit.

How to make HD photo using website

Step 3. After that the photo will come after editing, now you have to click on the download above and login with Google, Facebook or Apple Account. Then you can download the photo without watermark.

How to clean blur photo using website

In this way, you can make a bad and blurred photo in HD quality by using the website. You do not need to log in to the Remini App, but you can download the photo by logging into the website.


Friends, now you must have come to know that How to make HD Photo ? Or how to clean blur photo ? We hope that you would have liked both the methods mentioned in it, if you are facing any problem in using it, then you can tell us in the comment.

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