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Gujarat Marriage Certificate Online Application Form

Gujarat Marriage Certificate Online Application Form: Every state in the nation offers the ability to obtain a marriage license online, and Gujarat’s government has followed suit by launching an online platform for this purpose. Women’s rights are protected by marriage certificates. Since 2006, the Supreme Court has affirmed the validity of the marriage license. After a month of marriage, a marriage certificate is necessary. The government may fine you if you haven’t yet requested a Gujarat Marriage Certificate.

Gujarat Marriage Certificate Online: Overview Details

Name of the scheme Gujarat Marriage Certificate
Plan type Scheme of State Govt
BeneficiaryMarried to the people of the state
An objectiveIssuance of marriage certificates to married persons
Official Website

Gujarat Marriage Certificate’s Objectives

For newlyweds, the marriage certificate is a crucial document. Many government programs are available to you if you obtain a marriage certificate. Women’s rights are protected by marriage certificates. In order to save individuals from having to cash government office checks, the Gujarat government has established an online facility for generating marriage certificates. A woman can update her documents and make new ones after the marriage certificate is issued. We’ll provide you with all the details you need to apply for a Gujarat marriage certificate in this article.

Advantages of a marriage certificate online

  • After getting married, you’ll need a marriage certificate if you want to create a passport.
  • The creation of a joint bank account is mandated by the marriage license.
  • protects women’s rights In the event of a divorce, the wife is required to make allowance payments.
  • Only when the boy is 21 years old and 18 at the time of marriage will a marriage certificate be issued.
  • After death, you must present a marriage certificate.

Qualifications & Requirements for a Gujarat Marriage Certificate

  • The applicant must reside in Gujarat permanently.
  • Marriage certificates are only available to married people.
  • Aadhar card with a wedding photo
  • a passport-sized photo
  • birth certificate, a wedding card
  • Proof of address
  • All paperwork needs to be authenticated.
  • It is necessary to get an embassy no-objection certificate if getting married abroad.
  • Age certificate and affidavit

How Do I Online Register My Gujarat Marriage Certificate?

The steps listed below should be followed if you want to register for a marriage certificate online: –

  • To apply, you must first go to E Nagar Gujarat’s official website. You can access the home page of this website by clicking on this link.
  • You can register on the website’s home page by clicking the register link; the next page will then load.
  • You will see an open form where you must enter your mobile number, email address, password, and captcha code before clicking the Generate OTP button. You must input the OTP that will be sent to your telephone number and validate it before receiving your username and password, which you must then use to log in.
  • One must visit the website’s home page in order to log in. You can log in by clicking the login link on the home page.
  • Your browser will launch a login form, which you must complete by entering your username, password, and captcha code.
  • After logging in, the choice for the Gujarat Marriage Certificate will show up in front of you; you must click on it. The application form will then open; you must put the correct information in it before uploading your documents.
  • You need to submit the data after inputting it all. After that, the nearest district office will be able to provide you with a Gujarat marriage certificate in 15 days.

How to apply for an offline Gujarat marriage certificate

How to Get a Marriage Licence:

The necessary paperwork and steps for applying for marriage registration are listed below.

  • Forms No. 1 and 5 are both available online.
  • A true copy of the bride and groom’s school transcripts
  • True copies of the bride and groom’s ration cards and election cards
  • two passport-size images of the bride and groom as well as an image of the newlyweds
  • Examples of the original Gor Maharaj, Kankotri, and the Xerox copy
  • True copies of Gore Maharaj’s ration card and election card, as well as witnesses from both parties
  • Keep two copies of all the evidence. The bride and groom should also sign the evidence.

The following fees apply to marriage registration.

  1. The registration fee is Rs. 5/- if done within a month of the marriage day.
  2. The registration fee is Rs. 15/- if done so within three months of the wedding day.
  3. The price is Rs. 25/- in cases when registration is made more than three months after the wedding day.
  • A court stamp of Rs. 3 and two agreement stamps totaling Rs. 100 + Rs. 100/- must be attached to the form.
  • The marriage registrar provides forms for marriage registration free of charge.

Marriage Registration Registrar

  • Talati cum Minister for the Health Officer or Municipal Chief of a Gramme Panchayat
  • Chief Executive Officer of the Municipal Medical Officer (Health) Notified Area

How to locate the Merge Registration Payment

You must first go to E Nagar’s official website for this. Click on the marriage registration payment option that will show under the Quick Pay option on the website’s home page.

  • The form will appear in front of you after you click. Fill up this form with the necessary data, then click “search.” The pertinent information will show up in front of you after you click.
  • Bhulekh Map 7/12 for Gujarat, viewable online

Process of downloading a payment receipt

  •  You need to start by going to E. Nagar’s official website. When you click the payment receipt option under the Quick Pay option on the website’s home page, a new page will load.
  • You must fill out the necessary information in the form that will open once you click the search button. Clicking will return your payment, and you may then download |

Gujarat Marriage Certificate Verification Process

  • You must first go to the E.Nagar website’s official page in order to request Gujarat Marriage Certificate Verification. You may verify a certificate on the website’s home page; simply click that link. Clicking will open the following page.
  • After providing the necessary data, a form will open in front of you; click Verify to continue. You can check the certificate in this manner.
  • Digital Service Programme in Gujarat

Laws governing marriage registration
Marriage certificates are currently issued in accordance with two marriage registration acts:

Hindu Marriage Act of 1955: This registration act is applicable to marriages that have already been solemnized and in which the husband and wife are devout followers of the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, or Sikh faiths, or when they have converted to one of these faiths.

Whereas, the Special Marriage Act of 1954 establishes the process for registering both the marriage ceremony and the marriage license where one or both of the spouses is not a member of the Hindu, Buddhist, Jains, or Sikh faith.

This certificate can be used to demonstrate that the bride and groom were legally wed on a specific date at a variety of locations, including the passport office, court, bank, and insurance offices.

A fairly simple method of registering a marriage

Marriage is regarded as a sacred event in India, hence our law addresses the issue of marriage registration. Any couple that is married must register their marriage. Regardless of education level, they must carry out their duty.

Given the current circumstances, the Gujarat State Registration of Marriages Act, 2006 was passed to ensure the proper implementation of the state’s mandated marriage registration laws. For today’s youngsters, marriage registration is crucial. The future of newlyweds is secured through marriage registration. The procedure for registering a marriage is extremely easy.

Registering a marriage:

The registration list must be prepared by the parties to the marriage in the format required and delivered in duplicate to the local registry office within 30 days of the wedding date in order for the marriage to be registered. Forms No. 1 and 5 for marriage registration must be signed by two witnesses. The form and all the supporting documentation will then be examined by the registrar. The marriage certificate will thereafter be issued if deemed appropriate. Both Gujarati and English versions of the marriage registration certificate are available.

The advantages of registering a marriage:

In some situations, marriage registration is required. The production of any document, such as an election card, license, Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc., requires a marriage certificate. Most essential, the only evidence of an Aadhaar marriage is a marriage certificate. This certificate is also required for creating a passport, adding a name to a ration card, receiving insurance, enrolling in government programs, and applying for pensions at work and in numerous places. is

Gujarat Marriage Certificate Online: Important Link

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