Donald Trump Is Not as Popular as Everyone Thinks

CollegeUnified By CollegeUnified 2 Min Read

Despite Trump’s dominance in the 2024 GOP primary, there are signs that he is still struggling to garner strong, unified Republican support. Trump is almost certain to win the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, setting up a rematch with President Joe Biden in November. However, Nikki Haley, Trump’s main remaining Republican primary rival, received more than 2 million votes nationwide on Super Tuesday, including a surprise victory in Vermont, where Biden defeated Trump by 35 points in 2020. Haley also received 20–40% of the vote in several states, including Massachusetts (37%), Colorado (34%), Minnesota (29%), and North Carolina (23%).

Approximately one-third of Republican voters in North Carolina (35%), Virginia (36%), and California (33%) said they couldn’t guarantee their support for the GOP presidential candidate in November, according to an exit poll by NBC News. Throughout the primary season, Trump has been the overwhelming favorite to win the GOP nomination for 2024, and the results of Super Tuesday have only added to that. However, there is no guarantee voters will back him in the general election, which could be a red flag for the 77-year-old.

In a speech at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, Trump stated that his clear lead in the GOP primary had made what is usually the most anticipated day of the presidential nomination season a foregone conclusion. He added, “We’re going to win this election because we don’t have a choice.” “If we lose the election, we will not have a country.