Donald Trump Doubles Down in Legal Fight With Fani Willis

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Former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants in Georgia are attempting to get Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis thrown off the ex-president’s election subversion case. Judge Scott McAfee allowed Willis to stay on the case earlier this month after former Trump staffer Michael Roman accused her of having an affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade. The case moved forward with Willis following Wade’s resignation. Trump’s attorneys appealed the decision, arguing that the trial court erred by not requiring dismissal and DA Willis’ disqualification.

For an alleged plot to sabotage President Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia’s 2020 election, Willis’ office charged Trump and several of his associates with numerous felonies last year. The former president pleaded not guilty to all charges, claiming that all legal troubles are part of a political “witch hunt” and “election interference” as he seeks a return to the White House in this year’s presidential election. Trump and his allies later accused Willis of misconduct over her relationship with Wade, while legal experts from across the political spectrum argued that the development had tainted the proceedings.

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An application for an interlocutory appeal was filed by lawyers for Trump and others charged by Willis’ office, arguing that “DA Willis and her entire office should have been disqualified from prosecuting this case” and all charges should be dismissed.

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