Dan Rather ‘Vehemently’ Denounces Trump as President for One ‘Simple’ Reason

CollegeUnified By CollegeUnified 1 Min Read

Former CBS newscaster Dan Rather has vehemently opposed the idea of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States, stating that his opposition is not political. Rather, who covered significant historical events such as the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and the Watergate scandal, stated that his opposition is about being a patriot and rejecting a man who attacks the free press and wants to lead the country he loves.

One of the public criticisms against Trump is his recent decision to sell Bibles for $60, especially around Easter. Rev. Al Sharpton called into question any minister or preacher who might have used a Trump Bible to give sermons on Easter Sunday or throughout the holiday weekend. Sharpton argued that this is offensive to those who truly believe in the Bible, especially during Holy Week.

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough pointed out the hypocrisy of Christians idolizing and supporting Trump when he doesn’t abide by one of the faith’s central tenets of forgiveness. Scarborough said that when Trump says, “I’ve never done anything wrong, no reason to be forgiven,” they still fall right in line and say, “Oh, he’s the second coming of Christ.”