Celebrities Named in New Donald Trump Court Filing

CollegeUnified By CollegeUnified 2 Min Read

An amicus curiae brief filed in support of President Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss the classified documents indictment against him mentions several celebrities. Trump faces 40 felony counts in Florida that accuse him of willfully retaining dozens of classified documents after he left the White House and rebuffing government demands to give them back. He has denied wrongdoing, and his lawyers have asked U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon to dismiss the case.

The brief argues that special counsel Jack Smith does not have the authority to prosecute the case, as he is the classic “emperor with no clothes.” The Court should grant the Motion to Dismiss on the Appointments Clause issue, and do so prior to ruling on the other Motions to Dismiss pending in this case.

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The implications of the brief are “nothing short of historic,” and it is imperative that no former President of this Nation—especially one who is the presumptive opposition-party candidate to become President once again—go to trial and risk conviction of a crime if his prosecutor is not even authorized to speak for the United States.

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The filing comes after federal prosecutors pressed Cannon to schedule a trial for this summer in the classified documents case, one of four criminal prosecutions Trump is facing as he seeks to reclaim the White House. Trump’s lawyers contend there is no way to hold a fair trial this year when Trump is moving towards clinching the Republican presidential nomination.