Biporjoy Cyclone Horrifying: International Space Station shows horrifying pictures of Biporjoy

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Biporjoy Cyclone Horrifying

Biporjoy Cyclone Horrifying: Cyclone Biporjoy is terrible, and as it approaches Gujarat’s coast, a previously unseen terrifying video of the storm has surfaced. The camera for this footage was 400 km up in space. This depicts Biporjoy in his hideous state. People have spread a lot of uncertainty as a result.

The dreadful Biporjoy Cyclone Horrifying

Cyclone Biporjoy, which struck Gujarat’s coast, was recently seen on camera by the International Space Station (ISS). A stunning video of the powerful storm Biporjoy over the Arabian Sea was recently provided by United Arab Emirates astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi from the International Space Station.

One can see the storm’s eye and its surroundings.

Neyadi pans his camera in the footage from land to sea, exposing a thick cloud cover above the water. The terrible vortices of Biporjoy may be seen in the video being observed from a distance of many kilometers. where one might observe the dreadful storm form. The storm scene appears as white as a pile of cotton wool from 400 kilometers above the surface of the planet. As though there were rocky mountain ranges at the cyclone’s center.

The video and photographs make it very evident how large the storm appears to be. Similarly to this, the video makes it abundantly evident how large the cyclone’s circle is. It also produces violent whirlwind storms, which is terrifying. It reveals the horrifying extent of the wreckage along the coast and how slowly the cyclone is moving.

The storm is in dreadful condition in a vortex.

What’s significant about the Cyclone Biporjoy footage from the International Space Station is the terrible scene that can be seen surrounding the storm’s eye. Water in the thousands of liters is being carried by the cyclone waves. This video makes it abundantly evident that the cyclone’s eye can have a diameter of many kilometers. When viewed from 400 kilometers away, it is difficult to imagine the level of horror that would be present once it reaches Gujarat’s coast.

The following 24 hours are crucial for Gujarat

The ominous clouds over Gujarat are growing darker as Cyclone Biporjoy intensifies. As part of the alert, a team including the NDRF has been mobilized due to the probability of a cyclone in Jakhou, Kutch. The storm’s effects have caused the Kutch coast to flood.

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