How to get Bihar caste certificate online

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Bihar Caste Certificate 2023:- India is a country where people of different castes and communities live. Backward class people have been kept behind in the field of education and jobs for the past several years. 

The government has started various schemes to bring all the citizens of the backward classes to a higher level. Caste certificate is mandatory for the facilities given by the government to the people of a particular caste. Hey, you are a citizen of Bihar and are worried about  how to get Bihar caste certificate , then today’s article has been written for you.

Caste Certificate Bihar 2022

document name Caste Certificate Bihar
State A state in Eastern India
department revenue Department
Objective giving caste certificate to a particular class of people
official website

Requirement of Bihar Caste Certificate | Benefits of Caste Certificate Bihar

As we told you Bihar caste certificate is an essential document. But the reasons why it is necessary for a citizen of Bihar are listed below – 

  • On the basis of Bihar caste certificate, the backward class citizens of Bihar are given the benefits of economic, job, and education by the government.  
  • Citizens of Bihar can take scholarship for further studies from the government with the help of caste certificate.
  • The maximum age limit to apply for the job is increased on the basis of caste certificate.
  • In order to give higher status to the castes of the backward classes, the government comes up with schemes with various economic facilities, to take advantage of which it is mandatory to have a caste certificate.
  • Caste certificate is mandatory for taking admission in school college and taking advantage of vacancy reservation in government job. 

Documents to get Bihar Caste Certificate

Caste certificate is an essential document for which you will be asked for some documents, and the list of essential documents you should have is presented below – 

  • identity card
  • Aadhar card
  • Photo copy of ration card
  • self attested declaration
  • passport size photo

Bihar Caste Certificate Application Form 2022

After reading the above mentioned instructions, you must have understood that caste certificate is an essential document in Bihar. If you belong to a caste other than the general category, then the Bihar caste certificate can give you various educational, financial and job facilities. Bihar Caste Certificate Application Form Download to the lower class people of Bihar An official website has been prepared by the Government of Bihar to

You can download the application form of Caste Certificate by visiting the website of Service Online operated by the Government of Bihar. After downloading the sperm, you will have to fill that phone online, fill it online and submit it. You can get this form offline by going to the office of the Revenue Department, after that you will have to take that form and submit it to the Revenue Department.

SC/ST Caste Certificate Application Form

If you belong to sc-st caste, then it is necessary to get a cast certificate made to take advantage of various facilities provided by the government. This certificate can make your various work simple. SC / ST is a backward class by the government which needs promotion in the field of economic, job and education. For this, the government operates various schemes.

Process of making Bihar caste certificate. Apply for Caste Certificate Bihar

If you have been able to reach the website of Bihar Caste Certificate with the help of the instructions and links given above. So you should know about those simple instructions, following which you can make caste certificate as per the order – 

 Apply for Caste Certificate Bihar
Apply for Caste Certificate Bihar
  • As soon as you click on the option of apply, the application form will open in front of you, following all the necessary instructions as per the order. You can apply for Bihar caste certificate.
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FAQ’s Bihar Caste Certificate 2022

Q. What is caste certificate?

Caste certificate is an essential document with the help of which this citizen is given proof of belonging to a particular caste.

Q. How to get Bihar caste certificate?

To get Bihar caste certificate, you have to go to their official website operated by the Government of Bihar. Clicking on the option of Wah Caste Certificate, you will have to apply for caste certificate.

Q. What does one get from Bihar caste certificate?

With the help of Bihar caste certificate, you can get the benefit of various facilities and discounts from the government in the field of education, health, and job.


Today in this article, we have given information about how to get Bihar Caste Certificate and for this you have to follow the instructions mainly as per the order. We have tried to explain to you in simple words what is Bihar Caste Certificate and how can you apply for it. 

If after reading the information shared by us, you have understood about Caste Certificate Bihar, then share it with your friends, as well as do not forget to tell your suggestions and thoughts in the comments.