Bank of Baroda balance check Online: only 5 minute check balance

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Bank of Baroda balance check Online then keep reading our blog. Bank of Baroda provides provisions like BOB Net Banking portal and BOB world Mobile Banking app to provide services like transactions, transfers, account opening and more . It also provides the facility of checking Bank of Baroda account balance through various modes like SMS, missed call, passbook, ATM etc.

Ways to Bank of Baroda balance check Online:

Checking balance is one of the basic transactions that account holders do for various reasons. Bank of Baroda allows its customers to check Bank of Baroda savings account balance in the following ways listed here:

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  • BOB Balance check: BOB balance check passbook

Passbook is the easiest way for account holders to check their account balance. However, they need to update their passbook by visiting the bank regularly to ensure that their Bank of Baroda account passbook reflects the current balance at all times.

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  • BOB Balance check: BOB balance check ATM card

Account holders can use their ATM card to visit ATMs to check Bank of Baroda account balance. Here are the steps they need to follow:

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  1. swipe the card into the slot
  2. Enter their 4 digit ATM PIN
  3. Select “ Check Bank Balance ” from the options listed on the screen
  4. Complete the transaction after viewing the balance displayed on the screen
  • BOB Balance check: Bank of Baroda balance check SMS

Bank of Baroda customers can use their registered mobile number to receive their account balance through SMS from the bank. All they need to do is send an SMS in a specific format to 8422009988 . The bank will reply an SMS with the account balance of the customer. Some mini charge is also applicable in this service.

Bank of Baroda balance check Online

  • Bank of Baroda balance check number : bank of baroda miss call number

If you are a Bank of Baroda customer, you can avail their missed call service. All you have to do is call 8468001111 from your registered mobile number .Bank of Baroda balance check Online  Bank will send your account balance through SMS. This is a free service.

Bank of Baroda accounts eligible for this service are:

  1. Savings Bank Account ( SB )
  2. Current Account ( CA )
  3. Overdraft Account ( OD )

Cash Credit Account (CC) A Bank of Baroda customer can avail this service maximum 3 times per day. If the customer has more than one account with the bank, the bank will send a maximum of 320 characters (2 messages) to the customerFor balance checking of other accounts, the customer may have to use other Bank of Baroda account balance checking services. Bank of Baroda balance check number

Bank Of Baroda online Balance check:

  • If you want to check your bank balance online, then you can check in the following ways.
  • You can check your bank balance with internet banking
  • You can also easily check through mPassbook 

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