How to check Aasam Ration Card List ? Assam Ration Card New List

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Assam Ration Card New List in hindi – You must know that ration card is used everywhere now. And in view of this, the Government of Assam has made the process of ration card online. This huge change has been done by the Assam government to make more and more people use the ration card.

Due to online ration card you can apply for ration card in online way. And also if you have already applied for the ration card. So now you can check Aasam Ration Card List  New List in your smartphone without going anywhere or visiting Gram Panchayat.

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What is Assam Ration Card? (What is Assam Ratio Card)

Ration card is very important not only in the state of Assam but in the whole of India. Ration card is one such document. Which has many uses at once.

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Mainly people use ration card only to buy food grains at low prices. But many people do not know its other uses.

Ration card has become a part of our life today. Ration card is being used not only to buy food grains at low prices but also as one’s own identification. With the ration card, it has become easy to find out from which state you are or what is your economic condition.

How to check Assam Ration Card List? Assam Ration Card List 2023 How to Check –

To see your name in Aasam Ration Card List 2023, we are telling you some steps below. Follow him well

Total Time: 30 minutes

Visit Portal website

First of all you have to go to the official website of Assam Ration Card. Click here to go direct

select district

As you will go to the site of the list of ration card of Assam State from the link given above. So you will be asked to select your district like the photo shown above. You have to select your district correctly and click on it.

Select Taluga

As you will select yours, you have to select the tehsil ie taluka in which you live as shown in the photo above.

choose gov

As soon as you select your taluka, on the next page you have to select the name of your village i.e. the village in which you live.

view ration card

After selecting the village properly, the names of all the people of your village have appeared in the ration card list. You will go to see the names of all of them.
You can see your name by going there. And also you can see the name of any of your friends or relatives.
How to check Aasam Ration Card List 2023 Aasam Ration Card New List

How to make New Assam Ration Card?

If you people have not made ration card yet and you want to make ration card. So you have to tell us in the comment box. We will make a separate article on this so that you will understand better.

  • How to see UP Ration Card List? How to find name of UP new ration card list?

List Of Documents Which Needed For Ration Card (documents required for ration card) 

All these documents are required to fill the Ration card in Assam application form.

  1. electricity bill
  2. water bill
  3. gas connection
  4. Passport
  5. ballot paper
  6. Aadhar card
  7. bank passbook

Types Of Aasam Ration Cards (Types of Ration Card)

Every government issues different types of ration cards for their state. Assam government has also made three types of ration cards. In which the Government of Assam gives ration cards to very poor, medium poor, and people with the best conditions.

Assam Ration Card Benefits / Benifit & Most Use Of Aasam Ration Card List 

As we told you above, with the ration card, you can buy grains or other types of grains like wheat, rice etc. at very low prices.

  1. If your children want to take any scholarship or get admission in government school then also you will need ration card.
  2. Ration card is such a document or document that you use as your own address proof…
  3. As important as your Aadhaar card is, how much importance is being given to the ration card, that is why you must make a ration card


How can I check my Assam Ration card?

You can check your Ration card by visiting the official website of Assam PDS. About which step by step has been explained above.

How can I make my Assam Ration Card

Yes, you can apply for Assam Ration card with the help of Jan Seva Kendra or online by yourself along with necessary documents.

Who is eligible for Assam BPL Ration Card

Families living below the poverty line of the state will be eligible for Assam BPL Rashcard. Whose annual income is less than 27000.

How to add name in Assam Ration Card list

If your name is not there in the Assam Ration card then you can apply for inclusion of name in the list online.


Friends, we hope that you know how to check the Aasam Ration Card List ? How to download Assam Ration Card List Online? And also you must have understood the benefits of ration card very well. If you liked this article, then do not forget to share it with your friends. Also, if you have any question regarding the information given to you. Or have any doubts in your mind. So you must ask us by commenting in the comment box…